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El Tucsonense

A Podcast of Place



El Tucsonense

Aengus Anderson

This story, like so many stories in Tucson, like so many stories in America, begins with the sound of a car.

You can't launch a podcast called Tucsonense without tipping your hat to El Tucsonense, a Spanish-language newspaper that ran in Tucson from 1915 to 1962. In this episode, you will hear about El Tucsonense's history from Ernesto Portillo, Jr., editor of La Estrella de Tucson and columnist for the Arizona Daily Star. You'll also hear from Richard Elías, a Pima County Supervisor and great-grandson of El Tucsonense founder Francisco Moreno. Then we're off into the archives at the University of Arizona with Bob Diaz, a librarian who began digging through old newspapers and discovered why his immediate family kept their distance from his great uncle.

From there we move into the present as I talk to Ernesto and Richard about the significance of the word Tucsonense, their feelings about a white guy using (appropriating?) it for a podcast, and how you tell the stories of other people.

The episode music is From Bone to Satellite by Tarentel, who played in my living room in 2005. The photograph of El Tucsonense is from Special Collections at the University of Arizona Libraries. You can access the whole archive of El Tucsonense online here.