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The Great American Average

A Podcast of Place



The Great American Average

Aengus Anderson

It has been a year since I have posted anything on Tucsonense.  If you're curious what I have been up to you can visit Archive Tucson, an ever-growing collection of oral histories about Tucson and the people who live here.  The official launch of that project is helping me free up brain-space and energy for doing some independent radio work again.

Recently I was invited to Phoenix by my friend Andrew Brown, a talented photographer who grew up in Glendale, Arizona.  He was taking a week off from work to roam the metropolitan area with his camera and photo-document what the place actually looks like.  I joined for two days and brought my recording equipment--which mostly yielded sounds of traffic and our boring conversations.  But the experience was fascinating, so I threw out the audio and wrote this piece instead.

Like any landscape, Phoenix becomes more interesting relative to the amount of time you spend looking at it.  Stare long enough and the veneer of normality will melt entirely away.

Twin Buttes Cemetery

Twin Buttes Cemetery